DIY create home cinema Looks comfortable


DIY create home cinema Looks comfortable The joy of movie buffs is inevitable in watching your favorite movie in the theater again.

 But with limited time It is very difficult for workers to spend the time each day in the queue and wait at the movies. 

But to bring the cinema to your home, it was a dream. Buying a large home theater set, the price is so expensive that it’s almost gone. 

Only have a budget to buy a projector to put on the wall

DIY create home cinema Looks comfortable

This time in the house, there is an idea to please people who like to watch movies of  come to leave your friends from the web from.

the bedroom with a normal wall-mounted projector screen.

Into a movie room That has an atmosphere like being in a movie theater .

Want to know that there are steps to do that You have to try to see the details at the same time.

Rooms in a typical house are usually bright colors. It doesn’t look like a movie theater at all. ดูหนังออนไลน์

Therefore figured out how to do it, let the atmosphere take it for a bit Personally.
I find many ways to do it and keep it dark.