The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth It tells the story of religion, philosophy, civilization, and culture of East Asia. Which reflects ethics, culture, duties, morals in the past to form various gods The castle is completely wooden construction. Even the lock that connects each piece of wood doesn’t use nails. But use the dowel to hammer the wedge and into the tail of a Thai hawk Can be called a work of art from ancient craftsmen Shows meticulousness in almost every detail 

Different architecture created each piece have a meaning such as the roof top of the Brahma. Which is seen prominently in front of the castle Conveys the great virtues of parents, parents, teachers, administrators, leaders of the country and the King, located on the 4 Brahma Vihara or even the top of each castle. It is not an animal in literature or a serpent. But a sculpture of gods and deities ,The Sanctuary of Truth

Stairway to the inside of the castle Outstanding with carvings from various types of wood, including teakwood, Takian wood, Pradu wood, Makha wood.ufabet

Entering the castle will find a carved wooden sculpture. Strange at almost every point In the center of the castle is the main hall where the relics of the Lord Buddha are enshrined. There is an elegant wooden stupa that represents a symbol of liberation.

In addition, it is divided into 4 rooms Chaturamuk, north, south, east, west. This room is considered a highlight room. There is light shining from the windows and doors. Into the middle of the room Makes it look very magical and splendid. The carvings are the stories that define the four worlds that create all things in this world: wind, fire, water, earth, according to the beliefs of Brahma, Buddhism, and Hinduism.